Top 5 Tips to Book More Gigs

09 Aug

As a freelance promotional model you are always searching for the best gigs. Whether it is a trade show or live event your goal is to keep your schedule up to date with exciting new opportunities. However, it’s easy to loose focus and remember what you need to do next. There are many things you can do to stay on track. Here are the top 5 things we have outlined to help you book more gigs.

Keep your Headshots Updated[TiffStudio]_006

 Your headshot is your calling card to success in the industry. It is not enough to do 1 photo shoot and use the same photos over and over. It’s important to keep your headshots fresh and up to date with your current look and photography style. Black and white headshots from the 90’s gives an indication you do not care enough to invest in your career to get them updated. Pay attention to the current trends and keep your shots fresh!


 The power of networking cannot be overrated. Finding gigs through friends and business associates is very common. People like to work with people they know so connect with people in your industry and let them know you are looking for work. Do not worry if they do not have something for you on the spot, but you never know when an opportunity will come up where they need help and you are top of their mind.

Utilize Social Mediaimages

 Social media is one of the top advertising vehicles people use to promote themselves on-line. Building an organic audience is a fantastic way to book more gigs. The more people who know about you and the type of work you do, the better chance you will have to get hired. Building a fan page on Facebook, twitter and instagram is a great way to start. Share the events and jobs you book with your audience and promote your talents to the world. If you specialize in something say like fitness modeling, you may want to also share relevant information about the fitness industry to draw your ideal client to you!

Job Boards

Looking for work can be time consuming. Focusing your efforts in the right places will eliminate a lot of your worries. Finding gigs through job boards is a great way to connect with employers direct, however not all boards are created equal. Sites like Craigs List can be unsafe and unreliable. Seek ologo-large-emailut professional opportunities on sites like Tradeshow Casting to find the best gigs on-line.

Your future awaits! Go out there and chase your dreams the world is your oyster.

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