Trade Show Modeling Service | How To Get Started As A Company

03 Mar

Trade Show Modeling Service | How To Get Started As A Company

Remember when you had to rely on someone else to make things happen? Meet Castango – the non agency. Castango is redefining the way in which your company can source talent. We have leveraged this opportunity in the tradeshow and event industry by allowing companies to connect directly with talent to help promote and grow their brand.

Getting started with Castango as a company is easy. Simply sign up, build a profile, and start posting jobs for free today. It takes less than two minutes. Let’s use an example to explain how the process works. Let’s say you have an exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and need 3 brand ambassadors to represent your company. Your job requirements are:

  • Experience as a trade show model in the tech industry
  • Must be a Las Vegas, Nevada local
  • Brunette
  • Portuguese speaking is a plus

With these qualifications, you can be proactive and go to Tradeshow Casting, and find trade show models fitting your needs right from your office chair! Here’s how: On the right side of your Tradeshow Casting toolbar you can enter this criteria click on search, then scroll through the impressive profiles at your convenience. You can also post a job and let the submissions come rolling in to you.

Directly connect with your best matches, and take the next event by storm! We’ll give you the tools and leave the rest up to you. Are you looking to start Vblog or grow you social media presence? We all know digital plays a big role in building your brand. You can use a spokesmodel to shoot your video or hire college ambassadors to launch a campaign in every metropolitan city.

Castango’s professional talent is known to be proactive in their job searches as well. We guarantee within minutes of your posting, talent will reach out expressing their interest and qualifications. No longer will your business have to go through the expensive, arduous process of seeking out exceptional talent. It’s finally time to source, recruit, and hire from one place. Castangohas been the industry’s best-kept secret, but is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Break free from the middleman, and join the movement that gives businesses the choice and models the chance. Create a profile with Castango, save your business precious time and unnecessary expenses, and connect with leading industry professionals. Find Talent.

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