Training Day – Get The Most Out Of Your Talent

21 Feb


Finding the perfect talent to represent your brand is going to take effort especially if you want quality work. Not only do you have to find talent that is interested in the field of work you are in, they must be educated about your brand. Do extra research on their interests and work history to make sure they have the proper experience. Take that extra step to train your talent before they hit the trade show floor.


RightSizeTalentSearchResearch Your Talent: Take your time looking for talent. They are representing you as well as your brand. If you choose wisely, the utilization of Live Talent will pay off. Castango  gives companies the ability to advance search the exact person they are looking for. Whether they are blonde, tall, short etc. this platform allows you to filter your search. The best part of all is that you get to communicate with your talent directly. Utilize that feature to get to know them. Making sure they have an interest in whichever field you are in, tech, medical, fashion etc, and which will get them excited to represent you. Make sure to communicate with your talent and educate them on your product or service.



Answer these 5 simple questions:

  1. Is your talent educated in your field of business?
  2. Do their interests match your industry?
  3. Does your talent have relevant work history?
  4. Did you have a good first impression of your talent?
  5. Will their appearance match your brand?


Training Day: Getting along with your talent is ideal. Whether you speak over the phone or meet in person, it is important to consult with them prior to the day of the show. First impressions are always the most important. A couple of things that you can do to aide your talent is prompt them to research your company prior to the show. If you find someone locally, do a meet and greet to demonstrate your product.


  • Within your job description make sure to be straight-forward about how you want their appearance to be. If your brand is more corporate, inform the talent exactly what attire you want them in. Remember, they are representing you!


  • Give your talent a clear job description so they know exactly what their duties entail. Miscommunication can be the leading factor to a lack of success of your talent. Take some time to type up a concise job description and give it to your talent prior to the event.


  • If you cannot meet with your talent prior to game day, have a phone conversation and email them any specifics they need to know. Prepare your talent so you expedite any miscommunication issues and your show be a success.


Talent need to be educated about your product and what you are representing. Make the most out of your next trade show or event by taking extra measures to assure quality in your chosen model. Start by researching your candidate’s background. Then, make sure to prepare your talent by educating them on your brand and communicating any duties they will have to complete. Don’t forget to be specific regarding what look you want them to have. If you are selling suntan lotion you may want them to bring a towel to use as a prop or if you are more corporate you may require them to be in specific attire. Make those small details clear by training your talent before the big show. Sign up with Castango now and start searching your dream talents!


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