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28 Apr
How to use Tradeshow Casting is the #1 online staffing marketplace

Uber changed transportation forever by developing an app connecting people who are seeking rides with freelance drivers who use their personal cars to give you a ride, creating a new marketplace for transportation.

Castango is changing the way companies and agencies recruit and hire models and talent nationwide.  This online job-matching marketplace eliminates the middleman, allowing employers to recruit and book talent direct, utilizing a simple on-line/mobile platform. Talent can build an on-line profile showcasing their location, skills and talent and companies can search and connect with them direct.  Companies can post jobs that talent can search on a daily basis to book more work!

We’ve streamlined the staffing process allowing those seeking talent the ability to connect with those that need work.  Saving time and money for all involved. Whether a company is looking for a spokesmodel, brand ambassador, promotional model, or presenter, Castango has a nationwide database of talent ready to work. You can discover the next new face to promote your brand or hire a full team of talent through a simple and easy platform.

It’s quick and easy to get started using Castango. As a freemium based business model you can sign up for free and create a Castango profile.

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There are three main tiers of membership for talent:

  • Basic
  • Savvy – $49.95 annually
  • Professional – $99.95 annually

For agencies and companies there are four tiers of membership:

  • Basic
  • Event Pro – can upgrade their job post for $49.95 for 30 days
  • Event Pro Premium – 6 months
  • Event Pro Premium – 1 year

For Trade Show Talent – The basic account includes profile creation and apply for jobs for free , but a Professional Account has added features and resources to expand your online presence. As soon as you log in, you’ll be able to start using to job search and boost your career.

For Companies & Agencies – The basic account enables you to post a job and search for talent for free. But, to communicate with talent an Event Pro account has added features and benefits like full service support.

Castango offers a powerful tool to source professional freelance models and talent on the internet that has never been done. Just maybe we will become the Uber for the Trade Show industry.

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