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27 Apr

The Freelancing era is on it’s way. Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance, says that his company’s site will have posted nearly 1 million freelance jobs by the end of 2012, a substantial increase from 650,000 in 2011.  (source: Fortune This means more work for freelance talent. Interested in becoming a Freelance Model? Let us clarify how to utilize Castango to get your freelance modeling career started.

What is Castango?

Castango is an online job marketplace connecting exhibitors, agencies and talent on-line directly. We have streamlined the job offer and seek process saving time and money for all in the marketplace.  We dedicate ourselves to making sure that we keep our standards high creating more jobs and opportunities. Businesses can now connect with a full team of professional cast members through a simple and easy platform. At Castango, we are proud to offer the best freelance trade show and event talent opportunities across the United States.

Who should be using Castango?

  • Aspiring models who want to break into the industry
  • Experienced models who are seeking more work in the trade show and event industry
  • Students who are looking for part time work
  • Actors looking for part time work
  • Dancers looking for part time work
  • Specialty performers (magicians, acrobats, card dealers, impersonators, etc..)

Castango and beyond!

Castango is an on-line solution for staffing spokesmodels, brand ambassadors, promotional models, and presenters in the new era.  Find work on-line and build a brand presence that works. You can take your future into your own hands and build a lucrative career working with the top brands in the world.  The possibilities are endless.

Still have questions? Find out why you should become a Freelance Model. Click Here

Are you excited about becoming a freelance model/talent? What challenges have you faced as a freelance model/talent in the trade show or event industry?

We want to hear from you! Share your road to success with us! Lets tweet chat @Castangoinc

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    Fashion model

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