What Every Model in the “Selfie” Generation Should Know

30 Aug

selfie tradeshow castingThanks to social media, the “selfie” was created. Typically a handheld self-portrait shot at a high angle featuring the subject in a flattering light. Although this phenomenon is somewhat new and has been fun for social posting and do it yourself type portraits, “selfies” are by no means what model and talent industry, insiders consider professional.

More and more we see models utilizing “selfies” for picture submissions and castings, but they simply do not work. Yes, some non-discerning employers may give you a shot, but the high caliber jobs and clients will expect more from you than something you shot of yourself in your bedroom or car!

If you are pursuing a career as a model, you must have a portfolio of professional photographs. It’s a must! You may not feel that you have the resources to shoot with a professional photographer and that is understandable. But, you must get serious and save your pennies as you would for a trip or concert that you wanted to see and invest in yourself and career. There is a wide array of photographers out there who may work out an affordable rate. But, working with a professional is important. You want to find someone who has experience shooting models professionally and a website or portfolio of previous work that you can see.

When an agent or casting director looks through photographs, they want to see clear shots with good lighting and expressions. Very rarely can you hit the mark with a selfie or iphone photo. It just spells out amateur. Not to sound harsh, but it’s important to know the truth so you can be a real contender and book jobs. It’s amazing the difference a great photo will make in your career. You will start getting called in for more auditions and booking jobs on picture submissions alone. It’s great to be on the winning side and getting the parts you deserved.

Selfies don’t book jobs, professional photographs do! Take your career into your hands and build a portfolio you can be proud of. There is a lot of work out there waiting to be filled. Let your inner beauty shine by having photographs that truly represent you and your personality. Sign up with Castango if you haven’t, start upgrading your on-line profile and book more gigs!

If you are ready to say good-bye to “selfies for headshots” or have any stories or experiences you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.




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