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19 Feb

The On-line Job Marketplace

For Tradeshow and Event Talent

Castango is an online job marketplace for the trade show and event industry. We connect models and talent with companies and agencies that are hiring nationwide. We’ve streamlined the job offer and seek process saving time and money for all in the market while increasing their business prospects.

Getting started as a Company with is easy. Simply sign up, build a profile, and start posting jobs today. We have a nationwide database of talent, making it easy to search for the right spokesmodel for your next trade show or event. Go to Castango and start searching for talent now.

Agencies can use Castango too!  We offer assistance to all involved in the trade show and event industry. Agencies can build a profile and begin browsing new talent. They can post jobs on Castango and search talents that would be a good fit for upcoming events. It’s that easy!

Models and talent can now save themselves time and money by building a profile on Castango. Instead of spending hours online sifting through Craig’s List, models can now go to Castango!  Castango is the best place to go on the Internet to find legitimate modeling jobs. Models get your careers moving!

Castango is the ultimate job matchmaking marketplace for Companies, Agencies, and Talent. Start building your profile today to find a spokesmodel, or find a job!

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