What Will Promotional Models be Like in 100 Years?

04 Feb

Promotional models have been around for quite some time. They are valuable assets to any company attending a show or trying to seek out interest in their products. Why? They are good-looking, smart, engaging, and incredible conversationalists. Promotional models can break down the social barriers that come along with the business world.  They can make memorable, lasting impressions on potential clients. Putting a face to a company really humanizes it. For many people, whether it be customers or investors, thinking of a company as friendly and approachable can make all the difference.

Futuristic Humanlike Robot

So let’s fast forward 100 years. What does the business world look like now? Are trade shows and conventions still the go to events to meet people, generate leads, and network? Will we be doing all of our networking from our own homes using holographic representations of ourselves? Will we have reached the point of singularity and be deemed obsolete by robots? The truth is, in 100 years, we  probably won’t see too much changing in terms of this industry. Sure, technology will be incredibly advanced, but we have to remember that we are still humans. Castango believes that people still love to talk to other humans face to face, physically touch products, and shake hands when we strike a deal. Promotional models might use different types of technology in 100 years, but their ideals and skills will still have to be honed to they way they operate today. Castango can link your business up with the best promotional models on the market, now or 100 years from now.


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